With over 20 years of experience, David Kaloyanides brings a wealth of trial experience to defending each of his clients. Whether the case involves Grand Jury investigation, drug charges, Racketeering (RICO), violent crimes, or charges involving white collar crime such as bank and wire fraud, criminal tax evasion, or criminal copyright infringement, Mr. Kaloyanides's expertise helps clients get through the ordeal. Mr. Kaloyanides is a Certified Specialist in Criminal Law, certified by the State Bar Board of Legal Specialization and has handled over 200 federal cases. Mr. Kaloyanides's client-focused approach means helping clients understand their options, identify their goals, and fight to achieve those goals.

In addition to his private practice, Mr. Kaloyanides serves as the Criminal Justice Act Indigent Defense Panel National Representative to the Administrative Office of the United States Court for the for the Central District of California.


Charges of assault on a prison guard arising out of a riot at the United States Penitentiary at Lompoc.

Result: Not Guilty

Using superior technology during trial, Mr. Kaloyanides was able to show that the security tapes of the prison riot actually showed that the client was unarmed and never attacked any other inmates or guards.  The government had relied on “still” photographs to support their argument that the client was actually armed.  Mr. Kaloyanides exposed the inconsistencies in the prison guards’ testimony and through video enhancements, showed that the government’s photographs did not accurately depict the events.

Case arising out of a major cocaine trafficking organization involving member of the Black Mafia Family, the defendants faced minimum sentences of 10 years to life.  Of over twenty defendants, client was one of five to go to trial.  Mr. Kaloyanides exposed the government for proceeding against client even when the government’s star witness from the witness stand told the jury that the client had nothing to do with the drug trafficking organization.

Result: Not Guilty

After being charged with felony criminal copyright infringement for broadcasting via the internet a pre-release version of Guns N Roses’ album “Chinese Democracy,” Kevin “Skwerl” Cogill hired Mr. Kaloyanides to defend him in this federal case.  Through extensive investigation and analysis of evidence regarding the scope of the infringement as well as the actions of the copyright holder, Mr. Kaloyanides successfully negotiated a misdemeanor plea agreement for Mr. Cogill resulting in a probationary sentence.

Facing charges of conspiracy to infringe and unlawfully distribute copyrighted material, namely a director’s-cut pre-release studio version of the movie “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith”, Mr. Kaloyanides successfully negotiated a misdemeanor plea agreement for his client after the evidence demonstrated that the client had no involvement in the theft of the pre-release copy of the film, and minor involvement was no more than receiving the copyrighted material and passing it on to a friend.  The client received a probationary sentence.

Aryan Brotherhood Prison Gang

In the largest federal death penalty case in U.S. History originating from the federal government’s 2002 indictment of the Aryan Brotherhood—a prison gang formed in 1964 by white inmates of California’s San Quentin State Prison to allegedly protect themselves from other gangs within the prison, Mr. Kaloyanides represented an Aryan Brotherhood member serving 25 years to life under California’s “Three Strikes” law. The government sought the death penalty against the client for the alleged 1997 murder by strangulation of another alleged Aryan Brotherhood gang member

Mr. Kaloyanides successfully argued that the government’s pursuit of the death penalty against his client was a violation of the 8th Amendment and the 5th Amendment due process clause.  The Court struck the death penalty from the case.  The government then dismissed the indictment against the client.